What can we do for God?


In the Word we read how God seeks us out one by one.  The mission of this outreach is so important to God that it got personal, as he sent Jesus Christ to dwell in the flesh with us.  Jesus taught in the temple, healed us, calmed the sea and gave His life for our sin.  That is a whole lot of giving.

What does He want in return?  What can we do for God?
We are to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all shall be given to us.

what can I do for you my LORD?

Give all.

Give your heart, your spirit and your life to Him.  Do not stop at that.  Give your dreams, your passions and your desires to God.  Keep going! Give Him your days, your future and your every waking hour.  Give God your will, for He shall replace it with His and that itself changes everything.  Surrender to His spirit completely, yield and place it onto the altar as a living sacrifice.  Do this and you shall be seeking His kingdom, recognizing His Lordship as King of your eternal being.

Did you get that last segment?  Eternal is correct.  You are eternal and therefore all you see and interact with here is temporary, brief and fades fast in the light of eternity.  So why not give it all to Him now, and fervently seek all that He has for you today?  It is the very thing God asks of us; to let go and let Him.

That is what we can do for God.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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