What are YOU doing?


What are we doing when we, as a church body that claims to be devoted to one another – choose to avoid praying for one another?

What are we doing when we gather for prayer and cry out verse and scripture – but neglect to pray for the people in the church who are having a crisis in their faith?

What are we doing when we unite and raise our voice about how the church needs to pick itself up – when our own church body is filled with pain, detachment, anxieties, and fear?

What are we doing when we meet for prayer, but make no mention of those who are within our own congregation – who are dealing with some of the worst news possible? Those who need healing and reassurance that life is worth living?

What are we doing when we pray for church revival and to make Jesus known – when the pews that are filled on Sunday have prayer needs of utmost urgency and cannot wait for revival; they need resuscitation…now!

What are we doing when we have a prayer circle that doesn’t get beyond the circle?
Prayers that are only for the moment?
Prayers that are sweet, valid, and real; but never quite touch on what the body, person by person, by name – who so desperately needs prayer?
What are we doing when we deny the church, the very people we shake hands with, the ones who we sit beside in worship; the prayers that they ask for?

What are we doing?

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We have the greatest tool of holy intercession with God ever placed into humanity; it is called prayer. When we gather in prayer, we can work out and offer up the needs, conflicts, and issues of the church body. There is power in group prayer that we are not to place into a box and choose not to use.  Prayer heals, restores, and brings the promise of Christ to those who seek his face. A group that prays together has an obligation to be led by the holy Spirit in truthfulness and transparency to intercede on behalf of those who are not present but need intercession. It is not an option but a command. 

Recently, there was a song released by Drive-By Truckers that says, “Stick it up your a** with your useless thoughts and prayers”. It is a sledgehammer to the Church for how we have been so ineffective responding to gun violence, social injustice, and political corruption.  I agree.

When we pray, we are to then get doing.  God does not fire us up to go all lukewarm.
Being Christian does not equate with cozy.

If in our prayer groups we cry out to God for revival in our churches, we are accountable for that to happen!  We MUST own it. 

Otherwise, we are simply going through the motions of prayer without the promises and power of prayer.

To which Christ will ask…

What are



By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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