I don’t sit down to the Bible for a dry lesson on living correctly. There is nothing there for me in a theological dissertation of ‘HOW TO BE RELIGIOUS’.
No, when I go to the Word what I am seeking is a closer walk with the God that I am rapturously in love with.  To have His passion placed deep within me, so that it soaks through my being and emits back out as a sweet fragrance.

What I just wrote sounds very heady and maybe dramatic to the casual reader but this, this is how I truly feel. I love reading the word.

But it was not always so, as this hunger for what is revealed by reading these pages (of the Word) did not factor into my faith-walk until a specific moment.
I refer to this as receiving a ‘key’.


We get keys to lock things away or for unlocking a passage or obstacle. The Holy Spirit is constantly providing keys to a deeper relationship with God. Sometimes the Holy Spirit sends others to deliver those keys.


We are to be in communion with God and with those around us. Because, those around us are often the very ones who can bring rescue and knowledge and direction. If God is inhabiting and indwelling someone with whom you are mutually connected in Christ, they have the ability and righteous permission to deliver essential keys as couriers of almighty God.
Doordash ain’t got nothing on this!

The Point 

Retracing what I’ve written and going back to what I want to express in this post is to tell how a key was given to me by another person who was motivated by God to hand deliver a message. That key unlocked much that had been hidden from my heart.

word of advice 

If the Holy Spirit has moved you through prayer, during fasting, in your devotions, with tears of supplication; to do something or share a word with another in the body, please do not hesitate. If it is of God, it will bear fruit. Step forward, be strong and courageous.
The Holy Spirit will not set you free until you move in accordance to what has been given you.


keys from lighthouse unlock the Word

Now I want to tell you about this key, and how it changed my life through its gifting.

I love reading about history, genealogy, archeology, and the progress of humanity and civilization. The books found in the Bible convey all of that and more. Tribes, kingdoms, and rulers; plus the civilizations that rise and fall around them are documented in these entries. Prophets, scribes, and writers all tell the human drama through eyes that hopefully seek the betterment of mankind. It appeals to my quest for knowledge in every way. The fact that it all revolves around how we align ourselves with God is the cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae. But, for so long there was one section in the Bible that I completely passed by as if the pages weren’t there…Psalms.

I saw them as anecdotal writings, someone’s personal poetry, songs I couldn’t sing, and thoughts expressed by people who I couldn’t relate to. I knew fully well that people plucked certain lines from Psalms and spoke them at benedictions, funerals, and printed them on coffee mugs. But I did not see them as something that pertained to understanding God. I can write my own poems about my love for my savior, thank you.

Psalms was a section of the Word that my fingers thumbed through to get to something else.

Until I received the key…

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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