Those Words


Lord, let my lips be silent except for words that reach out in love;
words that bring healing ~ with songs that offer praise to lift and edify You…
Seal my heart and thoughts to You alone; only You can open my mouth,
so that my words are sweet, holy and breathed by You …
Silence the buffoon, quiet the mumbles; make still the idle banter ~

Let love be the voice from this day forward…

Those words move me.

Have you ever stood still in such a place as to keep the warmth of the sun on your face?
You do not move so as not to leave the rays, but to soak them in with eyes closed?
Have you ever stood at the edge of the ocean while the sun sets, catching every moment of the light until it was only a glow illuminating the clouds on the horizon?
Or stood in worship, singing hymns or deep in rapturous prayer; and felt the light of glory almost burn your skin?  Have you experienced the rays streaming through stained glass windows under a high cathedral ceiling, pouring across the room; catching the yellows and purples to land across your face and fill it with radiant color?
No one else sees it.  Everyone else is busy.  Yet it brings your eyes to close, to rest in the moment and be anointed in the absolute presence and power of God’s love.

That is where He finds me.
And when He does, I cannot move, am unable to turn away or to stir from the place.  My arms go still.  Tears fall and a smile erupts across my lips.  No words, no sounds, no me and nothing but God.
This is a kiss from my lover, my Lord and my Savior.

It is where those words come from.  It is why they move me.

Here in this place where I sit, He stops me and pulls me completely out of what was on my mind along with the task being completed and…kisses me.

There is no sun.  No stained-glass windows are to be found.  The ocean is 90 miles away and the night is cold to the bone. Yet sun washes over me, a light so intense my face burns in the heat.  All and everything stop; my head tips to the side.  My hands, my arms and my body go still in the chair.  One tear then another falls across my cheek as the unexpected comes over me.  “Oh God…” I whisper.

All it took was to READ those words.

So that my words are sweet, holy and breathed by You

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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