This is the Body


Peace is from the LORD. On our knees we take the time to dwell in His peace and also to remember the cost for this peace we dwell in.
On this Good Friday my heart is joined with many others, each of us here to take part in the quiet and solemn remembrance while in collective prayer. THIS is the body. It is all colors, speaking every language from many nations and heritages; together melted as one in prayerful worship.
There are no boundaries here.

Jesus YOUR blood atoned for our sin; removing the barrier between man and God.  Your death on the cross separated You from those You loved and the people You cared for.  It destroyed Your life in this place. It was devastating.  All was lost or so it seemed.

In the chapel at the Grotto my knee hits the ground along with so many others who gather to pray. The cross unites us all in a way that nothing else can. It connects us at the heart, in our collective spirit and with that we are joined together as one body; the body of Christ. Each person here is important and unique with a vital role to play. Some are ‘turned on and tuned in’ while others have yet to accept the mission. Even so they know to gather in quiet response, an hour or so to wrap their minds around the very idea of One sacrifice for all –
A sacrifice that broke down the walls and rules of men and opened a new door to a relationship with our God.

Sharing the witness of Christ.

Yesterday the body celebrated Easter. Jesus is alive. So where do we go from there? How do we bring that assurance into this new day? What follows?
Can you see the stars? Do you feel the breeze? When looking into the clear night sky are you aware of how everything envelopes you? THAT is a picture of how Jesus is with us, in everything; fully immersed, embedded within us. He goes with us.
Where do we go next? We go everywhere; and Jesus is in the lead. Walk forward into this day. Pay attention to our leader who is ever prompting, always guiding us. Jesus is the way.

Jesus moved through the villages, camps, towns and cities in an effort to reach as many people as He could. He was not selling anything, nor was He out to gain anything. He was not self-serving, but in all His efforts were to let people know (1) there is hope, (2) that God loves them and (3) that the Kingdom is near.

What is our response?
How are we to do the same?

LORD please move us to do Your will this day and every day, as the message still needs to be shared.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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