The Road to Anointing



There are some hungers that are left unquenched, allowed to keep a fire burning deep within; smoldering with no foreseeable source of being extinguished.
This was the case in regards to my personal anointing in Christ. I am just a man and while open to His call and will; by myself and for myself there is no reason that I would wish to think of things missing from my spiritual plate.
These things are best left to God, who alone can instill any needed pressure to change or adapt.
And so it was that God had placed a longing to be ‘anointed’ into my spirit.
What IS ‘anointing’ and why would I need it?
In the Word we read that those who are set apart for God are anointed, often in a very hasty manner. Like how in a field they are anointed with oil by a prophet or man of God, and then told to “run!” Once the oil hits the forehead, all bets are off. Change is the only real guarantee. No one is the same after being anointed in the Holy Spirit.

No one is the same after being anointed in the Holy Spirit.

At Easter this year I began to write on my left arm a line of text that best reminded me of what my true heart of worship looks like. I do not have a tattoo, but ink pens are ever at the ready. Onto my left inner forearm is written:

“My Hearts One Desire is to be Holy”

It means everything to my spirit and walk, to be holy and wholly set apart for Christ. I write this onto the arm almost daily, knowing that it will soon be a permanent tattoo inscription (that action will be up to God and His timing).
In the Easter season my heart also began to yearn for something else; anointing. It had been a practice observed at a distance, safe in the passages of His Word and practiced on those He chose so long ago. But then it was given to me that this ancient act was somehow relevant and soon to be done unto my own head. I prayed about it, left it at His feet and in time began to desire it greatly. I asked my Savior “How can this be done?” Not all understand anointing, and certainly I knew many who were keen in Bible knowledge but would be pressed to accept the notion of anointing. It is ‘out of the box’ activity. The ability to find someone to do it gets rarer each day as only the devout; those inhabited by God can do this on another in the body of Christ. This is because the body is being fractured and eaten alive by our society, the culture and the influence of the media. Anointing is largely seen as out-there, crackpot and crazy mumbo-jumbo.
Against this understanding God had placed into me the desire and longing to be anointed. Only God can do this to a man. It was going to happen and would be done without my manipulation or planning; but by God alone bringing it into being.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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