Take Rest


Even as King of Israel, David (son of Jesse) waited on the LORD.  He did not move. “Turn, LORD, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love” he prayed. [Psalm 6:4]

David may have felt wiped out, separated and lost; completely spent.  David could give no more.  He needed rejuvenation at his very core and so asked God to rescue him.

We have the same need.  God has already provided the perfect solution:
I had given thought to a few days ‘quiet’ in the spirit.  Perhaps God is preparing me for a new direction; a new work.  How to explain the way I relish just resting in His peace?  I go, I run, I race, I push…and then I seek time to rejuvenate.  The drive to accomplish all things fades away and is replaced with a strong desire to simply dwell in His quiet.  I can be much like a fire ant moving fast across the hot sidewalk, it is how I roll.  But sometimes God says “DWELL”.  So I pause…

LORD I love You.

Thank You for the command to dwell in You. Each day has enough demand; the clock going around and around with rapid-fire ticks to set a pace for accomplishments.

Today is the Sabbath.  Today You command me to rest, pause and be refreshed.  My only job or task on this day is to be restored.
Yes I know that food needs to be prepared for outreach.  And yes people need to be served that food once at the park.  Oh how I feel that compelling pressure to be in the middle of it, to serve and to be of use.  But You showed me this week that I am not taking Sabbath seriously.  It is not being lazy (to step out from feeding the homeless in the park on Sunday), it is a gift!  Thank You God!

Be Filled.

I thank You for time in the Word.  My friend John pulled me aside and said “…be filled with knowledge and the Spirit”.  THEN it can overflow – and glow as a light to others.  But first, be filled. ~ amen

Nehemiah was stung to the core not just from the news that the wall and temple was no more than a pile of rubble; but more so that he and the people of Gods’ covenant had been so wicked. Nehemiah prayed out of a brokenness, asking forgiveness and for God to be with him.

It is all we need.

Let us remember to take our Sabbath as valid and much needed, lest our spiritual vessels be run dry.  Rest as given; accept this gift from the LORD.

Words that bring healing ~ with songs that offer praise to lift and edify You.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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