What we Bring


Just as each person comes into the church through the entry door, they also bring with them who they are. The personal mess of troubles, lingering doubts, hidden secrets, worries, habits and suspicions are all brought right on into the church, the sanctuary, a building on a plot of land where people gather.

As Noted


As noted, my intent for writing is to say that God - and nothing else satisfies. No amount of popularity or riches, no things or activities even come close. God satisfies.

Not Robots


God did not create robots. Instead He created us with the desire that we might choose to seek His face in lieu of being separate from Him.

This is the Body


Peace is from the LORD. On our knees we take the time to dwell in His peace and also to remember the cost for this peace we dwell in.On this Good Friday my heart is joined with many others, each of us here to take part in the quiet and solemn remembrance while in collective prayer. THIS is the body. It is all colors, speaking every language from many nations and heritages; together melted as one...



Deep friendships have passages unique to the bond. In the very element and dynamic of being totally transparent one can throw another off course, veering them into water they were not to touch yet. God can place boundaries that match His precepts, as needed.

Those Words


Here in this place where I sit, He stops me and pulls me completely out of what was on my mind along with the task being completed and…kisses me.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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