Make an instant prayer closet in your car, in the garage, or in the tool shed. Find a trail that goes to a quiet place where nothing will interrupt your personal talk with God. To create a sacred space for a prayer meeting you need to get ALONE.

Pray as One


We are to pray WITH one another. There is beauty in shared prayer, for it can be deeply connective and holy. This is not the corporate prayer we repeat in church or at an invocation. No, this is the passion of the Holy Spirit leading two or more to unveil the true matters of the heart, pleading and moving along as guided by the Spirit.

The Pool


Go for a walk with God and one can never be quite certain where He will take you. It’s just You and me here now...

Those Words


Here in this place where I sit, He stops me and pulls me completely out of what was on my mind along with the task being completed and…kisses me.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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