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Jesus saves us from our personal hell and sets us free by giving us life in abundance. God can rewire our hearts to get past the hurdles that trip us up and to lead us into a peaceful existence within ourselves and our community at large. A peace that has no limit. Life that has no end and cannot be diminished by the inevitable grave that waits for each one. How to explain the concept of holy and...



“IF You can?” and then followed with a challenge to the man and his child – to BELIEVE. It is not going to be the wave of a magic wand by which this boy will be healed. But first, do you BELIEVE I can do this? That is what Jesus challenged him with.

Before We Ask


Nicodemus approached with a 'plain vanilla' question for You. It would not cast him in a bad light nor bring anyone to judge the reasons why he was entering Your personal space. Or so he thought...

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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