Blind Corners


Sometimes it appears so vague and so random, but there is no randomness in Your ways LORD. It all adds up to Your will – the same will that created the universe. It is best to heed, accept and to move when given Word.

The dirty word


(As I sat down to read the Word, something told me that I would need to take note.  Of course, I put off stepping out to the car to get my notebook, but after what was revealed… I could not go any further without writing in that notebook) My eyes may have read a passage in the Word over and over, year after year; yet only as God reveals ‘keys’ do I see what I am reading with...

A Different Warrior


The Word shares so many life experiences for us to use as reference points. How to succeed in life: Let God be God. Submit and take the direction He gives, returning thanks for all things.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer