IN Christ we will have the ability to go through storms with abiding contentment and peace while everything around us is crashing down. ‘I AM your stronghold, your strength, your peace and shelter. I will NEVER leave you.’ - Jesus

The dirty word


(As I sat down to read the Word, something told me that I would need to take note.  Of course, I put off stepping out to the car to get my notebook, but after what was revealed… I could not go any further without writing in that notebook) My eyes may have read a passage in the Word over and over, year after year; yet only as God reveals ‘keys’ do I see what I am reading with...

Getting the stain out


Take His shelter and counsel. Let His blood wash each of us clean, setting us free and able to do His will. God’s shelter is our meditation and change; bringing us to a new heart of love.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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