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God gives us our daily news. The Holy Spirit leads to what it wants us to pay attention to. We need to heed the news, take the information and go forward in it, prayerfully. 



What Jesus had given was impossible to understand because it was not explained in a logical, progressive way. To Nicodemus it was like listening to someone talking backwards.



I reached a new to me understanding of prayer and how it profoundly changed my place at the table, with my Friend.



Jesus saves us from our personal hell and sets us free by giving us life in abundance. God can rewire our hearts to get past the hurdles that trip us up and to lead us into a peaceful existence within ourselves and our community at large. A peace that has no limit. Life that has no end and cannot be diminished by the inevitable grave that waits for each one. How to explain the concept of holy and...



Make an instant prayer closet in your car, in the garage, or in the tool shed. Find a trail that goes to a quiet place where nothing will interrupt your personal talk with God. To create a sacred space for a prayer meeting you need to get ALONE.

Pray as One


We are to pray WITH one another. There is beauty in shared prayer, for it can be deeply connective and holy. This is not the corporate prayer we repeat in church or at an invocation. No, this is the passion of the Holy Spirit leading two or more to unveil the true matters of the heart, pleading and moving along as guided by the Spirit.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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