What Jesus had given was impossible to understand because it was not explained in a logical, progressive way. To Nicodemus it was like listening to someone talking backwards.



Every animal, insect, bird, reptile breathes. All of us breathing in the same common source of oxygen, the atmosphere of Earth. Our hearts beating from when they begin until we die, without our manipulation or guidance.

Garden of Names


To have the Holy Spirit prompt me to inquire of where an Easter Sunrise Service might be, or if one is even available was possible only because I have been seeking silence. On Good Friday He asked me to ‘be more quiet now’, to wait and listen for what He will say to me.
I could have never imagined what this day would bring!

Believe IN


Jesus was not at the pool where he received sight, so the only way the healed man knew Him was by His distinctive and memorable voice. THAT voice was now right here with him. It came from a face with eyes of kindness and hope asking "Do you believe?"

Good Change


You can't change the one you love, from inside or from above. But woe to the one who releases their individual rights as God's child, instead giving themselves over to another for trampling.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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