The two verses delivered from Psalms had purpose.
One was to confirm that He has the only light and direction for my path.
The other verse assures that the LORD intertwines His precepts with my spirit as I amble through the day.



Who do you trust? More to the point, who do you trust with your life? Is there anyone that you would place your very heartbeat within their hands, whereas if they made a mistake, you would no longer be alive?



Every animal, insect, bird, reptile breathes. All of us breathing in the same common source of oxygen, the atmosphere of Earth. Our hearts beating from when they begin until we die, without our manipulation or guidance.



“IF You can?” and then followed with a challenge to the man and his child – to BELIEVE. It is not going to be the wave of a magic wand by which this boy will be healed. But first, do you BELIEVE I can do this? That is what Jesus challenged him with.

The Special Plate


Saul had gone in search of his father's livestock and ended up at the home of a seer. A special plate had been served to him. This was too much. How would he tell the folks back home? Inner thoughts race when the unknown steps up to greet us.

What we Bring


Just as each person comes into the church through the entry door, they also bring with them who they are. The personal mess of troubles, lingering doubts, hidden secrets, worries, habits and suspicions are all brought right on into the church, the sanctuary, a building on a plot of land where people gather.

Good Change


You can't change the one you love, from inside or from above. But woe to the one who releases their individual rights as God's child, instead giving themselves over to another for trampling.

Purposed change


LORD, when You shift the fabric of our lives it is done with such deft precision; no one could better the mark. You do this with the sole intent and purpose being that all things point to You alone.

Good morning LORD


How do we begin the day?  Should we wake up running and stressed to beat the clock?  Is it beneficial to start the day with a phone in hand; reading the text messages and emails that came in overnight?  What we do on waking matters and plays heavily on how the day sets into motion.  For my day to start right there MUST be an ignition point.  So, my knees roll out of bed...

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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