Sin gone wild


Sometimes it appears so vague and so random, but there is no randomness in Your ways LORD. It all adds up to Your will – the same will that created the universe. It is best to heed, accept and to move when given Word.



“Come to Me, and I will give you rest” He said. “Follow Me” He called to all. Some went forward. Some went home. It was too much to grasp. Maybe later...

The End Game


Knowing where one is going is a blessing. It gives courage, even when the path has some rugged obstacles to get through. Be strong, keep awake.

Us versus Them


I cleaned up the kitchen area and wheeled the communion elements out to the church sanctuary. What she had said reverberated in my spirit, thinking to myself about how we, while in the very place where the body is to be love (the church) - put up "walls of us versus them".

As Noted


My intent for writing is this;
God…and nothing else satisfies. No amount of popularity or riches, no things or activities even come close. God satisfies.


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