Sin gone wild


A lament

It is the only catch phrase I can coin to describe the state of our humanity.
Sin gone wild…Everything is pushed to the limit, beyond what is an ethical boundary. It is a no-holds-barred wrestle to undo the tendons of civility.
Not considering if it is right, but only if you can. Maximum self-indulgence is the model to attain in lieu of being thought of as less than.
Ultra-divisive personal stances bring ‘likes’ and followers.  Extremely lewd, outrageous, ostentatious, and over the top rhetoric earns the highest audience rating numbers.
It’s about me, not you.
My way, screw you.
Our politics no longer guide us but divide us.  Conspiracies rule over realities in a culture so caught up in the untrue.
Bullies rule here.
Thieves steal here.

Liberty and justice have been replaced by fear and entitlement.  Some gain position using intimidation as their chosen scent. Trusted icons hide plans to destroy us by resource derailment. Never considering the planet as we have it is all we get.

Addiction we have always had, and poverty is forever with us.  But today we have no rules, and it fuels a raging menace.  Take what you want, break what you will, today there are no limits on how much a person can steal.
Firearms and weapons stockpiled in our homes, vehicles, and at our side.  Indeed, we are at war already in our minds.  But what are we fighting for?  A truck, a lover, a place on some piece of pavement where we march to the beat of a song someone has taught us, saying “They are going to take it away from you!”

Take what?  Take your nothingness?

Rallies and protest, some for justice, others with firebombs, looting and empty civil unrest.
We easily sell out who we are day upon day to whatever comes our way.
Click bait to align with this, align with that. We’ve grown numb to the cry of our soul that wonders…does this mean anything, does it matter, will it have any lasting impact?
To depravity we succumb. When we look in the mirror, we’ll see what we’ve become.

For there is no need to fear terrorists from across the globe.  They live right here in our cities, ranches, and open spaces.
With drive and determination, they force their way into the very houses of law and order, sacred places scarred by disinformation of a lawless administration.  We look at the events of 9/11 with unwarranted patriotism.
Our borders have walls to keep others out, but the rot is from within.  Because the truth is our own countrymen kill our children.
We have so lost what is righteous and true that we know longer acknowledge the shootings in school.  They happen constantly, our greatest treasures erased in a bullet strewn frenzy.

Death is deemed as nothing where violence and hatred are King. Hail the new king!  Who is this King?

The king is us, the king of demons.

Sin gone wild.


Some of us are still in love with You, YHWH – LORD of heaven and Earth, LORD and author of our salvation.

And this is our mark, to desire Your Kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven, right here, right now.

Justice and Truth, Righteousness and Love.

This is what we, by faith – see as the elemental basics of a “whole” society. Under these tenets we find our place, able to bring forth good works for a harvest You have called us into the fields to do. Not to follow icons, angry ideals, divisive leadership, or hateful people. Because what matters and what lasts are the same thing; and that is love. It is the solemn command given to us by our Savior, Jesus Christ, to truly love one another.

To this I bow low and ask, LORD please impart your purpose, passion, vision, and perseverance to me…to us.

For the King of Glory.

Who is this King of Glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O gates! Be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of Glory may enter! Psalms 24:8-9

Hallelujah to the LORD of heaven and earth!

Hallelujah to nothing else.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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