Purposed change


Through every change in life we can have perfect peace knowing that God will do whatever it takes to protect His own.  It is because His desires ‘out-desire’ ours.  His will is to see those desires through to fruition.  Nothing can deter God.  The Holy Spirit seeks and speaks truth into the heart of all matters.  If we are listening and hearing, yielding to the Holy Spirit; then He will move in, through and around us to make His desire complete.  He is focused and determined to block any endeavors that might become an obstacle, circumventing His will from reaching its Son-ripened perfection.


LORD, when You shift the fabric of our lives it is done with such deft precision; no one could better the mark. You do this with the sole intent and purpose being that all things point to You alone. It will happen. It is Your will.

Think about it.

This God- the Creator of all matter, form and function in the universe; into and including the spiritual- this same God has the power to save us, to guide us and to give LIFE.  Not just life, the act of breathing…but LIFE…eternal and all encompassing; LIFE that is absolutely indestructible and Holy.
Deeper still this God is INSIDE of His creation. For us this should be a source of great peace. It is in knowing that God will bring about change with a Holy purpose, for our benefit and to His glory. For us? Yes. As He is WITH us.
We have such a ‘small’ view of God and it keeps us from grasping the majesty. We (His creation) tend to place limits on how God can interact. IF we dared to accept the vast, unlimited power of God; how amazing and great would be our gain! For He is not small.

He is not distant. He is not adjustable or manageable. He is not aloof. He is not silent. He is not stoic. He is not unapproachable. He is not a sugar daddy. He is not a wish granter. He is not to be coerced. He is not simple.
He is not us.

The LORD God is Holy.  The LORD God is Almighty.

From the physics of atoms and photons, gravitation and the particle mass that brings life into being; to the arrival of someone at the front door with food which had been prayed for- God is in everything. He has the authority. It all belongs to Him. He is THAT powerful.

That power, combined with such abundant grace and mercy is what we can count upon to bring us through any changes in life. They are going to come. Is it not far better to allow them to be part of His perfect will and desire? Of this we are assured…He has our best interests at heart.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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