Every day I look intently to God for affirmation of being where I should be on the path of His commands.  This is amplified in times of great change or upheaval, as my grip on the hand of God is tightened.  These days are such a time.  Prayer for His guidance comes in the hallway, on the kitchen floor or at a roadside pullout. What has been witnessed is His unfailing love in giving me confirmation of being not just on the path, but at the exact place where He desires me to be at this moment.  Never a mere coincidence, nor happy accident; each word of blessed assurance is perfectly placed by the holy spirit.  Pulled from my journal, the note today is about one such interaction between God and I:

Is this the path or is THIS the path, Lord?
Because without Your Word I have no directional map.
Without Your presence I have no clue as to where I am.
Without Your spirit I am utterly lost and alone.
Therefore, I seek, crave, hunger, and thirst for You God

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

Psalm 119:105

This morning I rolled out of bed with a smile and onto the floor, starting the day in prayer. They were prayers of thankfulness and praise. Then petitions for the followers of Jesus who I am in covenant prayer with, and to intercede for those who have asked it of me. All given unto You Lord.

In this time of praying the day into motion, my lips shared recollections about the path I have been on.  It is not a well-worn path of dirt and stone marked out with “you are here” signs, but a life path walked with and in the holy spirit. My words recounted the many places along the path when the only trail guide was Christ.  There is no way to get from there to here aside from His abiding presence and assurance. Tears fell in worshipful gratitude at such wonderous, loving care. Holy, holy, holy!
At some point I rose to my knees and fumbled in the dark to find and pull the chain on a bedside lamp, which immediately illuminated the already opened Bible page with the verse above.

It was right there.  God does that.

Muir Woods path
Muir Woods path

And on seeing this I went right back into worship until once more my eyes focused on the Word.
I could not resist taking all He wanted to illuminate me with at 5am on a December morning.

Having an opened for feasting Bible only inches from my face – beckoned me to venture into what had been written and prepared for breakfast. The next verse was like a newfound gem, it glistened and reflected His light in a way that particular combination of letters and spaces had never done before.  It came to me as fresh and ready to drink in as pure water.

“Though I constantly take my life in my hands, I will NOT forget Your law”

Psalm 119:109

This verse struck me differently today. The line of text had weight beyond the surface level of previous readings and connected some unseen dots.  The writer is not expressing to God his propensity, disposition, or tendency to live on the dangerous edge of life. Not at all.  The person who composed this song of commitment was relating to how even in the day-to-day tasks of work (or being a warrior), attending meetings (or being king), driving in congested traffic (or using a slingshot to kill a giant), or simply getting groceries on a Saturday afternoon when everyone else is doing the same; these moments take our attention away from what was given during our devotional time only hours previous.  We get pulled into the world at large with its incessant demand for our attentiveness while our hands are busy doing.

Here, the writer places a Post-it note of confirmation stating that even when our awareness is focused on something else; God is within and His Word goes wherever we go, whatever we do.
His Word permeates and becomes part of our demeanor – whether doing 10-key data entry or buckling an over-tired, melting down child into the car seat.

God is close.

He is RIGHT HERE, practically our very skin.

Though we may not “forget” His precepts inasmuch as fail to apply them, we can learn from experience. So, as the Psalmist records, it is possible to constantly take our lives into our hands and NOT forget His commands.

LORD, I can stand under a canopy of stars or a thick stand of firs, and wherever I am I cannot change Your perfect timing, Your divine will, or Your desires for me; because they are all I desire!

I have learned (and learning still) to rest in You and to abide while walking at a slow, relaxed pace along the path.  Wisdom (and trauma) has taught me to not run ahead of You. – Jeffery

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By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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