Oh God


Oh God, Oh my LORD, oh Precious Mighty God! You alone are worthy, You alone are worthy, You alone are worthy of all our praise.
Only You God, only You LORD, only You my Savior.

Oh LORD You lift my face to You. Oh God You lift my face to Yours, only You God, only You God!
All praises to You God, all praises to You LORD, all praises to You my Savior.
Only You are worthy God.

Only You God.

And this has been my day. And this has been my song, my delight.  All day in His grace, all day in His hand, all day in His peace.

This is what the Sabbath is for, to be renewed; to be restored and illuminated by His glory.
Only unto the LORD do my knees fall to the ground, in praise, in tears of joy; in the lavish glow of His radiant love.  Only God, only my LORD – only His power forever and ever.

This is my day, and this is my heartbeat, and this is all I desire.
It has not stopped; it shall not stop it will carry me to sleep and wake me anew with abundant love all over again. Oh, this is the joy, and this is the majesty, this is how the day should always be.

Only unto God, only unto His glory.  Amen and amen.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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