Not Robots


God did not create us as robots.
He could have, but He chose otherwise.
By the same token we have the choice to listen, follow and to live in within His will or to turn God aside.  Each of us has the ability to allow ‘only so much of God’ in our lives.
Or to switch Him off completely.
We make our own decision on where to draw the line regarding God.

not robots
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Depending on daily circumstances we may choose to close the door a little and allow a selfish desire to be treasured.  On occasion we may decide the merits of skipping God for the hour for ‘personal time’.  At some point we may become angry with our Father and step away for a season out of frustration or bitterness.  These things happen.  They are the times when we choose to separate ourselves from God to meet our own agenda and passions.

When we make the choice to go our own way, regardless of the time taken or the reason to go behind closed doors; we separate from God.
The definition of ‘sin’ is separation.  How did THAT word get in here?
We cannot point the finger of blame on anyone or anything else but ourselves. We make the choices and our own hearts dictate what we desire at any given moment.  When we fall to them it is not by the hand of some unseen force, but by our own devices.

We call it

Some will blame pressure; others fatigue and still many will lay the blame it on the situation.  Are we not able to step away from situations that place us at risk?  Yes, we are.
Yet we choose to stay long past the moment came to walk away.  Every person has dealt with temptation and it is nothing new.  If we call it ‘complicated’, we are deceiving ourselves and not facing the root of the matter.
We turn away from God for selfish reasons.

Oh, how we torture ourselves into believing the lies we have woven.
I know, the word ‘lie’ is not kind on the eyes but is obviously another incarnation of separation.  Truth gets fuzzy the farther away we get from God until we lose focus. Then we cry out to Him Where are You God?
We can blame it on ‘satan’ or ‘the devil’ – but it kind of comes back around to bite when you learn that ‘satan’ is only a word to describe ‘the adversary’.  There is no ground to stand on when we say, “the devil made me do it”, because the devil is us.
Checkmate.  We are the adversary when we are in denial, choosing to be just out of God’s care for the hour of ‘personal need’.
We can decide to live in His righteousness or to take a bit of evil from the shoe box in the coat closet.  When we bring down the shoe box our spirit separates from God.
Separation is sin and something God laments deeply.

God does not separate from us but is ever in and with us.  His love does not choose the hour or day and is never troubled.  He loves us 100%.  He does not close any doors between His spirit and His own.
We do because we are fickle, created beings that tend to want our own way.  He still loves us in our selfishness, but can you imagine being in a relationship of such indecisiveness? It reads like:

“I love you but today I am going to shun you for various 5-minute increments as if you don’t exist.” Or “I do love you…but only for an hour a week and then, well…you know I cannot really be responsible for my actions.”


If I were God, humans would have been exiled from my garden!
But He loves us even in our broken, whacked out humanity.  If we truly accepted that the responsibility for our actions lays squarely on our own shoulders, we might be less prone to choose poorly.
God did not create robots.  Instead He created us with the desire that we might choose to seek His face in lieu of being separate from Him.  Redeeming love is forever there and His door is always open.
We alone decide how far to open or close the door to it.

To some I am a heretic because I do not believe in “the devil”. What!
As if to follow Christ and to believe in God also included this truly unwell character to be worked into the mix. My belief in God as the Creator and LORD of all requires that ALL He has created is holy. Why would a holy God create a nemesis? It makes no sense.
God is God and there is nothing else.
We then are the ones with the evil bent, which makes perfect sense. We carry the anger, jealousy, and deceitfully wicked characteristics to which God gave us commands that were intended for our good. But enough of this. Should you, the reader, care to get over the devil fixation; read this document. Then dig a little deeper into the antiquities, and most of all get in prayer! See our God as all we need! Take full acceptance for your sin and no longer blame it on some thing or character that does not exist. Own your sin. Then place it on the altar. Let Christ remove the stain.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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