Name that Servant


When livestock goes missing it needs to be found and brought back. Such was the situation for a man named Kish. (1 Samuel 9)

He sent a Servant with one of his sons to find missing pack animals…donkeys. These two men have little success finding the lost animals and just about when the son is calling it off – the Servant offers a “better” plan.
There are subtle clues as to what the relationship balance looks like between the two as they travel and search. 
The son of Kish is named Saul. He seems open to the ideas brought forth by the family Servant, who was sent to travel with him by order of his father. Saul may also be younger than the Servant, an idea which is borne out by the way Saul follows his lead without questioning (I do wish the servant had been given a name). Thankfully the Servant knows Israelite customs and practices better than the son of Kish whom he serves. It is this knowledge and preparedness that get them to the right place and the right person; Samuel.

Samuel is a seer, a prophet of God…and their chance meeting is not chance at all.
Saul and the Servant may not have pinpointed the location of the donkeys, but what is found has life-changing ramifications.

In regards to the missing livestock, Samuel tells Saul “Do not worry about them, they have been found.”

This passage of scripture tells us that a Servant can lead. A Servant can also be prepared by God to bring others to Him. I have witnessed how a Servant prepared by God can bring another person to God, as when God’s Gift did the very same with me.
It is glorious to be a servant of the Lord, to be so honored as to carry holy fire and pass it on!

I am thankful for this insight on a certain Servant.

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By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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