Some 1,990 years later…

It is no different for us who follow Jesus (His flock), as we can only glean from the Word what we are willing to dig deeper into.

I had a difficult time with this interplay between Jesus and Nicodemus, often skipping it because I felt that Jesus was not answering what this man was asking. To pass over the paragraphs seemed like missing a key piece of the story, so I prayed for understanding.  The ability to finally work it out and SEE was a gift from God.

We have a lot to feed on, as our Shepherd tends His flock with bountiful wisdom and insight. Remember that if you come to a place in Scripture that does not sit well, ask the Holy Spirit to bring it to you in a fresh, new way. Rest assured that such a prayer will be answered.


But to my heart, while it is a valid testimony to learn what happened 1,990 years ago; the application MUST apply to the here and now.  Jesus is the same today as yesterday, right?  The big difference is that His feet are no longer dusted with Earth…but He is with us in spirit.  Nicodemus was able to stand with Jesus and listen to what he said.

And even though He tells us we can ask anything in His Name, it can be difficult to cope with what we naturally receive in return, which sounds like silence.
To this I have a question: What to do when we feel…


Jesus says, “I am the Good Shepherd and My sheep know My voice”.
But what if we’re at a place where we can’t hear You? What do we do when we feel alone and forgotten, abandoned in a place that is nothing less than a desert. Where is our Good Shepherd and why can’t Your voice of comfort and assurance be discerned above all the noise?  Through tears we cry out, begging for You!

Can You hear me?
You said You would never leave me!
Where are You God?

This is the subject of my next post.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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