Lump of coal


Last night a vision was given to me…In a woman’s hands was a lump of cold, dark glass. The glass became molten and she pulled the lump into strings of transparent colored arcs. Pull after pull the lump was changed until it became a glimmering multi-dimensional flower.
It was a thing of great beauty.
The procedure was explained as it happened. (February 26, 2012)

Consider a lump of cold, dark glass. Then enter the glass-blower who in this case is God.
He takes an undefined lump of cold glass and warms it. He warms it some more and in time the glass becomes molten enough to shape. God pulls on the hot glass to create an arc. Then another arc is pulled from the lump. He pulls over and over until the lump has been recreated into a wonderful, useful piece. He is pleased with what has been created and will use it with great joy. The finished glass is a prized and cherished belonging, to be shared and admired by all who see it.

Consider that we are that lump of cold glass.
Truly no better than a lump of coal, a lump that is of no particular use to anyone aside from the lump itself. Moreover, it is cold, dirty and not open towards much. I mentioned that God is the artist, a skilled sculptor who can shape us. When we come to God in truth and ask for His salvation and life change, He then begins a process within us. It is a process that takes some time and yet if we seek His face by the hour, the change will be complete.
It is not easy to go from a cold lump to a cherished prize.
The lump must first be heated in the fire. God takes us through life circumstances where we are warmed at first by accepting His forgiveness and new life. Our God is not satisfied to leave anyone at the starting line. He desires each of us to continue down a path where He can love, move and instruct all along the way.

molten glass being shaped
a lump of coal is melted to be shaped

God will turn up the heat until we are consumed and melt according to His will.
Some people refuse to be melted and choose to return to a cold lump.
Others liked the first warmth but want nothing beyond.
They are unfinished pieces destined for the recycle bin.

Those who are open to God’s will are heated until molten, completely malleable and quite easy to shape. They bend to His touch, turn to His prompting and move to His perfect will. These people cry out that they belong to God and thirst for all He is. The artist then has complete permission to recreate them according to His will. God keeps them in the fire so that they radiate warmth to all around them. God keeps His people molten so that they can reach out to all in their midst. Molten glass is fluid and adapts to changes as needed. God will shape His people to reflect His own passions; to be His hands of rescue.

God shapes us.

His people must take great care as to not be influenced by outside ideals or another person’s way of walking in faith.
Many will offer alternative paths, some that can do great harm. One person will say the way to life is through this or by doing that. Or a congregation will demand that you follow a set of rules not found in the Word. A church may say that they are the only way, and yet the path they offer is one to destruction. A friend may say that they know the only way and that you are missing something, that you must join them. Do not be swayed or coerced. Stay close to the One who is shaping you. Get your Word straight from the Lord. Weigh all other ideas with the eyes of righteousness. (1 John 3:7)

Lump or Life?

This is LIFE to the fullest, to be shaped hour by hour in the holy fire of God. To no longer exist as a cold lump of glass but choosing to be a warm, intricate and useful work of art.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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