Notes from the trail


God unfolds us petal by petal with grace,
in love.


Part of worship is in sharing the witness of Christ and the hand of God moving through one’s life.  And with that I am about to place into plain view the work of His love in and around my being.  To God be the glory for the things He has done.

The LORD is my everything.  How can my lips be silent?  From them pour words and songs of praise hour by hour.  My mouth may be closed but the song plays in my spirit all day long.  Days are filled with diversions and interactions that must be tended to.  Even so the praises for my LORD never go quiet or still.  This love, the power of His gracious love is overwhelming.  When He speaks into my spirit ~ it nearly lifts me off the ground with its impact, yet moves my heart with the most subtle touch.

The words written here testify to the unfailing love of God.  He is alive, He is real and He is more involved with our existence than we dare to grasp.  This love gives hope, truth, and change; and brings us into Life.  If even one person finds renewed hope in reading these words, then my joy would be complete.  That is why this site came to be.


Lord, let my lips be silent except for words that reach out in love.



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