Holy Circle


I watched, prayed…and noticed that the man was now laying down on the ground next to his fire – having no idea that I was still watching. From what I could see, he must have been nearly lying IN the fire. But the imperative was that the fire be drenched, quenched, and out cold!
Get water!
Glancing at my water bottle, thinking that maybe I can go over by him while he’s laying down and put out the fire. It would be a risk, but worth it. Oh, but that would just rile him up, and there wasn’t much water in the bottle either. More water was required. But where to get it?
Then an idea came to mind; I will ride the trail back to the bus and return with a gallon of water to douse the fire. But hurry, this fire still wants fuel!

And then raindrops began to fall

Holy rain began to fall, God’s perfect anointing rain began to fall right in this very place! His rain, His holy rain from heaven exactly where it was needed.

It hasn’t rained in weeks! Hallelujah!!!

All the way back to the place where the vehicle was parked, I rode, praising the Lord with my hand outstretched – amazed at His provision. Rain! I arrived back to my bus and thought to myself ‘what I need to do is take this man sustenance‘. It did not take me long to fill a pot with water and set it to boil, then prepare a cup for hot coffee and another cup for cup of noodles.
When this was ready, I put it all in my backpack and rode back up the trail to where I hoped to find the man once again. By this time it was getting dark from the cloud cover, and the waning illumination made for twilight trail riding. While riding the 1/2 mile in, my spirit felt lifted; and once at the holy circle – the bike was parked so I could walk up the trail to serve him.
Just me – and two cups of hot provisions.

Truly, there was no way to know what he might do, or how he would react. I just needed to serve him compassion. There he was – lying in the soot, embers, and ashes of his now extinguished fire; curled into fetal position. He was wearing the remains of the burn, the asphalt trail beneath him scorched and violated.

Standing over him, I said “Brother, I have brought you a cup of hot coffee, a cup of hot noodle soup…and these Pop-Tarts.”

He raised his head from the ground and looked at me with vacant eyes.

I said, “Peace to you”.

He laid his head back down without a word and I placed the items right next to his soot covered body.

And then I went back to the holy circle and prayed.

Holy God, You have used this prayer circle on so many amazing occasions. It’s been where I’ve cried out and needed release. Then where I’ve connected with one who I needed to offer prayer and to receive prayer from. I had just been praying about the Holy circle as I approached it on my bike. I was not even planning to come here, but You brought me to this place. Today, it was different, I was called to be brave and fearless, because You remain in me. Because You were there, all was provided in the peace, prayer, rain, and sustenance.
All praises to the Lord most high! I will ride back to the bus now and load up the bike. From there I can relish being used by You as I drive.”

This has been a holy time.

NOTE: The photos were taken at an earlier time of prayer in the holy circle. It seemed well to share what the place looks like. It was so unusual to see anyone, let alone a man so wrought with his own demons. How did he get here? It is miles from nowhere. The encounter was so God-planned, so out of the likelihood of chance, I am deeply quieted to have been placed into the person-to-person interaction. On July 16 I returned to the holy circle for two reasons.  The first was to see what remained of the burn pile. On arrival the evidence was a burned blob of what had been a blend of polymer day pack material, pill bottles, and plastic identification – all impregnated into the asphalt.  The charred remnants of lumber, glass, a chunk of a fishing rod, and other items had been kicked into the brush of the shoulder so as not to injure anyone. It had been real.  Secondly, I felt the need to pray out loud to God in this place which is sacred to me.  Walking the circle again with petitions and praises pouring from my being was the best healing I could ask for on this Sabbath day. 

And if it feels like a long pause since the last post, there is reason. This has been a season of great change. To listen closely, I have been quieted – as instructed by the Holy Spirit – Jeffery

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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