Good Texting


We get emails and text messages from Macy’s, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret and so many places that offer us something for purchase today; texting a deal we simply cannot pass up.

We might receive text messages as reminders of doctor appointments or zoom meetings. Most all social media accounts send messages to inform us that it’s someone’s birthday or to learn about their career and relationship changes.
Our personal devices are filled with messages from a variety of sources ranging from Instagram photos to Twitter posts, blog updates and RSS feeds.  It’s a lot to sort through day after day!

These messages can be overwhelming at times, maybe even annoying and bothersome.

Is there someone in the contacts of your phone or computer that continually forwards crazy, unrequested jokes and virus-laden emails?  Don’t you wish with all your heart that they would cease doing this?
“Oh no, not another!” Grr.

good texting between friends
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Now about what you SEND
Do you contact your loved ones via text message?
Do you reach out to your friends with a weekly emoji filled note?
Is it your habit to send an email or hello at least once a month?
If not, why?

Do we feel it is intrusive?
Are we afraid of being labeled as ‘annoying’?

Let’s imagine your church pastor sent you a text message every few days.
Could that be classified as ‘annoying’?

I would love a message from my pastor every other day, as a reminder of what my walk is to be about.  But no messages arrive.

What would you do if Jesus Christ sent a text message every single day?

Is that intrusive?

My spirit would come alive if my LORD and Savior sent me a text message every day!  (But wait, He has already given something … His holy Spirit!)

If I were a pastor of any congregation, it would be my joy to send every single person a personal text message at least twice a week.
How come?
Because we are one in Christ, united in the body, and we must lift each other up. We cannot lift one another up if we are not connected, and to be connected we need to connect.

Let this be a reminder to be the instigator, to reach out and connect. Those you know and love will appreciate that you are thinking of them. It just might be the start of developing a real relationship that does not call for the ‘delete’ button.

that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.

Romans 1:12
By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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