Good morning LORD


How do we begin the day? 
Should we wake up running and stressed to beat the clock?  Is it beneficial to start the day with a phone in hand; reading the text messages and emails that came in overnight?  What we do on waking matters and plays heavily on how the day sets into motion.  For my day to start right there MUST be an ignition point.  So, my knees roll out of bed and onto the floor for a moment of giving the day and all that will follow to God.  It is simple, short and exactly what my spirit requires.  "Good morning LORD.  Thank You for the rest and Your love for me.  Let this new day begin according to Your perfect grace.  Please lift my face to Yours and set my heart into the direction You have in mind. Amen".  Or something like that.

Of course, there will be more prayer throughout the day but that initial giving of the day to His purposes is essential for my personal well being.  Perhaps it is because I automatically take the day and plan it out like a list, adding and compiling the 'to-do' items up to the limit; all while still on my pillow.  Handing the day over to God at the start brings something better.  That moment on the floor is giving Him the keys to the car, allowing God to plan the route.  There will be stress and the list is still going to be compiled but in a more managed and God-centered manner.
Richer than any cup of coffee-

That prayer brings in His peace provided at the very start; ensuring that it stays in place throughout the day.

Let love be the voice from this day forward.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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