Good Change


You can’t change the one you love, from inside or from above. Only they are the authors of change within themselves.
There is no such thing as a well-balanced relationship wherein one person is more powerful than the other. That is unless it is a chosen path where one becomes subservient to another by their own will.  This is to opt for an unbalanced relationship.
There are some who will decide to redefine who they are based on another person’s demands. They want so much to fit in. 
The craving to belong will shape them.
Often it is the dread of losing the other persons approval or a perceived security that causes them to submit themselves to the other person’s list of requirements.  

Some will spend years trying with all their might to change another person to be what they envisioned them to be while growing more and more frustrated that the change is not happening. The person who demands change becomes bitter and resentful at the perceived disobedience, completely caught up in demanding this person change. When will this person be what I want them to be!

Woe to the one who releases their individual rights as God’s child, instead giving themselves over to another for trampling. 

However, some will choose that path.

There are also those who seek the heart of God as their reason for being reshaped.
What God does here is to instill an absolute sense of well-being and peace.
Within that there is a certainty of belonging.
God does not demand this change.
It is simply offered.

This person changes through love to be all that God created them to be…whole.

It is Heart Change. 

And it is Holy.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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