Glimpses of More


Mildred Eleanor Mai ~
November 20, 1916 to June 21, 2007

The last time I saw her she was standing alone in a meadow, surrounded by lush, tall blades of thick green grass waving in the warm, sunlit breeze. She was wearing a simple knee-length, light blue dress that swayed gently in unison with the grasses. Just behind and to her left was a large tree, perhaps an oak with a low-hanging canopy offering perfect shade.
Mildred was absolutely radiant standing there, her shoulder-length brown hair framing those crystal blue eyes with the most peaceful and contented smile ever. Wisps of hair that were not held back by a head band drifted across her face.

Mildred and friend at Indus School, Minnesota

She was no more than nineteen or twenty years old; graceful, beautiful, strong, full of life
…and home at last.

She spoke not a word, instead allowing the warmth of her spirit to tell me everything I would ever need to know…that Heaven is real. – And then the vision ended.
Only that afternoon we had gathered as a family to mourn her passing and celebrate the woman that she had been. Doves were released at the graveside, her casket placed into the earth and for the next few hours we all shared memories and tearful embraces.
The Mildred we buried had lived a full 90 years and yet the Mildred I had just ‘seen’ was some seventy years younger, without so much as a wrinkle or hint of age. Yes I was tired from the days leading up to the funeral, so one could reason that exhaustion may have played a part in fueling such a fantastic vision. I dutifully decided to keep it to myself and not tell a soul; at least not to anyone who might place me on a jet bound for some quiet time and relaxation aided by nerve calming sedatives.

This was not a hallucination or dream brought on by grief. It was given to me while wide awake, my eyes closed only to watch what was being presented. The vision was a gift; a gift given to a man who had just loosened his tie, removed his shoes and placed his black suit jacket on the coat hook. In the first quiet moment of a day filled with friends and family plus the last minute details required for a funeral; God showed me a glimpse of where Mildred was now.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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