Even Ground


Throughout the Word it is written that God will stop destruction if even one person is found to be faithful.  Jesus tells us that the “first shall be last and the last first”.  Over and over we read that grace is given evenly across the scope of humanity, with no regard to sex, race, deformity, national origin, addictions, social place or position.  Healing and salvation are for everyone.  Period.

saved by the blood

It is not hard to understand the simple truth in all of this; that God sees each one of us as the same.  From the day He called out to a man named Abram until this day thousands of years later, our Savior sees His created ones as beloved children.  We are equal in His eyes, no one better than another.

God desires that His children seek His face earnestly because His ways are best for us.  He longs to lead each one along the path into life.  When we choose to follow, He is glad as this is what we were meant for; to walk with and in Him

Yet even if I am saved by His blood, then moved to learn the deepest attributes of God; I am no better than anyone else in the Body for we are all the same in His love.  I may have all knowledge, speak to vast audiences and heal thousands with His power coursing through me; and yet it makes me no better than the next person on the bus seat.  We are all the same in His love.

God wants to fill us with His life

Jesus made this so clear.  We are to serve each other as equals with love and mercy at all cost.  He was the ultimate servant who not only gave His life for those He loved but did so even when they did not love in return.  I have read the term ‘pay it forward’ and this is a perfect example.

If God’s own Son would do this to create an open door to God, placing all humanity on equal ground; able to come to Him as they are… we should run to Him and the grace found there!

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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