Here is my waking vision:

darkness storm clouds of warning

I am looking out of an upstairs window into the overcast sky filled with gray, billowing storm clouds. They are so close I can almost touch them, but in truth they are at quite the altitude. From the ground looking up they seem like normal clouds.
To get here I have driven to a split level home in a subdivision nearby. It is the house where Marie lives, and I have stopped by unannounced. She brings her year-old son Oliver to the door, “come in” she says inviting me to enter. I know she is a woman of faith. We chat, I play with Oliver and then I walk upstairs to a picture window looking out over the street below. My bus is parked down there and I can see it. But my attention is on the clouds and the detail I can make out from this vantage point…
It is a storm cloud. The cloud is heavy-laden, a dark gray underside topped with smoke gray pillow. It churns as if a boiling cauldron of steam was contained within. But it is cold inside the cloud. The cloud I am watching is ‘different’ and ominous, as it carries a feeling of dread. Then I see…

The underside of the cloud is a sea of extended arms, all hanging down; with hands dripping darkness. My eyes watch as one by one more arms are pushed out from the bottom lining of the cloud. When they first emerge they are ‘alive’, hands wide open as if jolted in shock. In time each arm goes almost lifeless –hanging earthward; gray and dripping the vile darkness.
There were thousands and thousands of arms hanging from under the cloud. It was a sign of coming destruction.

(end of ‘vision’)

Praise be the LORD.
It is said that a vision has no purpose without interpretation.

In the sequence of the dream/vision I was shown the cloud at two different locations.
First it was shown as something I noticed while on the trip with my friend Jim.
He and I had stopped someplace near Foresthill, CA and the cloud was visible. We walked with urgency through a building with many others, people of all ages. It seemed to be a large school or public use facility. The mass of people were pressing and moving forward in one direction, as if to flee. Jim and I were caught in the crowd and moved with them while at the same time trying to step out of the herd. My eyes glanced down a corridor- I could see God’s Gift there but the throng propelled us along; we kept moving.
From there the dream/vision placed me closer to home, still driving the bus but having since dropped Jim off. By myself I arrived at Marie’s home and viewed the cloud clearly from an upstairs window.
In this vision God has shown me a great darkness; enveloping all as a fast moving storm. He pulls His own up and out.
Darkness, in the sky. Clouds billow in from the seas ~ as a formidable wall of no escape.
Darkness, in the clouds filled with doom ~ arms extended down. A terrible rain is coming; death.
But where is God in this? Oh how the Spirit mourns the death of the church.
Let me hear You LORD.

Circle of destruction, protection of few.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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