Vision written down ‘as given’.

Water & Oil


God speaks through many avenues of communication. He has no favored channel, just whatever suits the message to be given. Here are two such messages, one about water and another about oil.

Lump of coal


God will turn up the heat until we are consumed and melt according to His will. Some people refuse to be melted and choose to return to a cold lump. They are unfinished pieces destined for the recycle bin...

Machines of war


This Word came to me in a vision. It told of impending unrest in society and old machines of war coming alive from the grave.I had nothing to write on except a stack of post-its that were at my side, so they are what I used.The vision is very disturbing. “As a society, the people were “sold” a plan, an ideal. Do this, attain this, and spend for this. Every day the same thing is...



In this vision God pulls His own up and out. Darkness, in the sky. Clouds billow in from the seas ~ as a formidable wall of no escape extends down.



We covet pride, ego and self-interests above what is Holy and well for the church body. We take a stand for our purposes, what we demand as our rights, our requirements; leaving the core essence of the church mission in the dust.

A Start


It makes me tremble to know that I “knew”. He’d shown me in a waking vision that there would be someone there to meet me, someone I did not know.

Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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