Buying the Secret Sauce


The book of Acts reads like a travelogue of sorts, giving a detailed summary of the people and places encountered.
And just as today, people bring their own unique views on life into every situation.

In Samaria a magician-sorcerer named Simon Magus had great influence and power.  It was how he made a living.  On hearing the testimony of the apostles, he accepted Christ and was baptized. So then what? Simon took this newfound faith and applied his own terms. It wasn’t the best thought out process and when Peter learned of this, Simon was rebuked. Why?

Acts 8 9-24

The principal is that when we accept Christ, it is not to add a new, cool feature to our lives. Nor is it a bonus level giving us extra tokens or superiority over others. 
To accept Christ is to give everything to God.  This is a full change order. No personal interests are allowed or infinitely adjustable terms of contract to be applied.
Although Simon may have wanted his career as sorcerer to continue with the added capability of prepaid and on-demand holy hands; God says to lay it all down, to give it all over to Christ. He desires us to seek maturity in our faith, which requires a 100% change.
Our terms are not God’s terms. His power is not for sale. Simon Magus could not purchase it because God alone has the power.
God owns the ‘secret’ sauce.

Our terms are not God’s terms.

Simon Magus witnessed the apostles laying hands on people who at once received the Holy Spirit.  He may have observed how the same laying on of hands healed those with health issues.  That holy-handed power was something he wanted and would pay almost anything for.  To be sure, it’s not the best way to go about getting such power, and thus he was rebuked then shown a better way.  I cannot blame Simon, really.  Seeing the power of the Holy Spirit right there and manifesting itself through these apostles…I too want to be that kind of tool for You LORD.  It’s worth giving my life to You for Your glory!

YHWH is the sauce

God OWNS the sauce.

LORD God please continue to use my hands, words, ideas, creativity and compassion; all of me to be a tool for your outreach.  Amen.  

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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