Last night I awoke after a couple hours sleep and laid there in bed – dwelling upon the air that moves in and out of my body.
My breathing. It never stops. From the day I was born until the time of my last breath, taking breath after breath, inhale then exhale; all without me having to pay any attention. It happens on its own.
I could hear my heartbeat and I listened to that as well. The pulse and the movement from a structure deep within my body, something I cannot see – it serves me without stopping, without error from when I was a four week-old embryo until the moment it ceases to beat.

This astounds me and brings me great comfort.
To consider that not only am I breathing and my heart beating, but so it is for everyone else…all are a breathing, heart beating, living being.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio

Every animal, insect, bird, and reptile breathes. All of us taking in the same common source of oxygen, the atmosphere of Earth. Our hearts beating from when they begin until we die, without our manipulation or guidance.

Every person on the bus, breathing.
Every person in the park, hearts beating.
Every being on this planet doing the very same, breathing, hearts beating.
Every creature on this planet at this moment hearts beating, lungs breathing (or gills doing the same function).
It is a symphony of perfect music.
Breathing, beating. The very pulse of life.

And I thought about God. The amazing, magnificent, and unfathomable power of our Creator and Savior who gives us this internal engine to carry us through life.
I was so thankful.
I went back to sleep.

LORD JEHOVAH God who created the Heavens, and stretched them out and spread out the Earth and everything in it, and He gave breath to the people upon it, and spirit to those who walk in it.”

Isaiah 42:5

I am amazed and filled with wonder at Your glory LORD, in all the works of Your hand and what You have done by Your will. It floods me with gratitude for everything You have given me and all that I have been blessed within.
To be Yours God, to be held by You, to be carried by You; to know that the very force of creation –  all life, matter and every neutron… brought into being by universe forming power and will, loves even me.

Mmm. Doesn’t that just lift you?
If you read this and are touched in the same way, please take a moment to offer God praise. Maybe that moment will go long, which is okay. He is not going to hang up on you : )

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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