Before We Ask


Jesus… when people came near and approached YouYou could read them and knew what it was they sought. Be it a Word of comfort, a touch to heal or a pointed inquiry that suited their own agenda. You could tell what was within the heart beforehand

He did not need man’s testimony about a man, for He knew what was in a man. (John 2:25)

Nicodemus approached with a ‘plain vanilla’ question for You. It would not cast him in a bad light nor bring anyone to judge the reasons why he was entering Your personal space. Or so he thought. (John 3:1-2)

You KNEW what his motives, wants and questions were before Nicodemus spoke. As he posed his ready-to-deliver question, You prepared an unavoidable truth to respond with, one he could not let fall or shake free from having heard it. This truth as-delivered tore at his entire belief system like a flash flood, with his mind sent reeling thereafter. To be “born again”!?

Holy truth does that. You speak it into each of us ~ breath by breath. It is so ‘right’ for us that we would need to build a wall of illusion & deceit in order to have it pass by without changing us. This is because our spiritual receptors are made for Your truth, just as we are built to breathe and our hearts to beat.

You know what we need BEFORE we ask. Your power has no limit and no end. The wind and waves still know Your NAME and Your voice.

By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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