As Noted


On to a sheet of notepaper, as noted, I wrote this down:

What are we made for?
Are we made to toss in the wind of life, forever anxious and fearful for what comes our way?  To be afraid of economies, of losing employment, for ending up destitute and homeless?  Were we made to stress over who does what best, or where we stand in relation to our peers?  Is our lot in life to strive against insurmountable odds?  If this is so, I want out ~ now.

But no (know)…

We were made for communion with God.

When that is the ground we stand upon, our existence is made whole (holy).

My intent for writing is this; God…and nothing else satisfies.  No amount of popularity or riches, no things or activities even come close.  God satisfies.
My eyes would rather read a witness of His love, as told by someone who has been touched by His grace, than anything else at all.  My ears would rather hear words of praise to Him than any other sound.  One must guard the mind, to be aware of encroaching debris that sticks to our thoughts.  The dust of worry, the scum of token sensuality, the haze of lips that speak without pause.  It is called ‘housekeeping’.  For this reason, my joy is keyed and focused on Christ, because the more refined the walk in Him; the less housekeeping needs to be done.  Why dirty the house in the first place?

We are meant for much better, we are made for a close walk with God.

As Noted.

coffee berries for harvest
By Jeffery Plummer
Insights for living holy in Christ, Jeffery Plummer


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